Discovering our client CAP2020

Spotlight on CAP 2020 a client who shares our values. 


Cindy Lassoureille answers our questions:


“Hello, I am cindy Lassoureille, agricultural engineer with the company CAP 2020. We are a company offering innovative solutions to farmers.


We offer 2 types of solution:


On one hand automatic detection of insect pests in a piece of land via a service of connected traps, and on the other hand provision of climate data and the use of this data to be able to monitor the climate of the lands. The primary purpose is to offer appropriate solutions to the farmers of tomorrow, and to be able to apply the right dose or control, in the right place and at the right time.


We have thus used Delta traps, which already exist, on which we will put a sticky plate and a pheromone, and the pests will come and get attached to the sticky plate. To recognise the pests, we put a camera at the top of the trap, and the camera will take a photo of the sticky plate several times a day. There is an algorithm on the trap that can analyse these images and return counts, for example “I have 10 butterflies of pest A, 5 butterflies of pest B, etc… and also sends the image.


In the vineyards, the pests you find are called “grapevine moths”: “Eudemias” and “Cochylis” which lay eggs on the plant, and it is the larvae which attack the grapes themselves.”