Hello everyone,


Today we finish the presentation of the automatic assembly line by the description of a machine just as technical as the others: it is the reflow oven.

four à refusion

The boards coming out of the placing machine, arrive in the oven thanks to a treadmill or a rail depending on whether the components are placed on one or two sides. In the oven, the solder paste melts to turn into solders during cooling. the solders will be used to fix the components on the cards. A technician deals with the heat curve in the oven. Indeed, it varies according to the positioning of the components on the board. The heat inside the oven is not uniform because each component is more or less sensitive to heat. The board, depending on whether it is very thick or not, can more or less heat, it can cause the explosion of the components or a change of polarity. In general each board is heated between 250 and 270 degrees. The board never stays fixed in the oven because otherwise the heat would increase too quickly. It crosses the oven over a distance of about 4 meters. The process of the automatic assembly line ends with the oven, however, other steps then complete the process.