Move of our new production plant!

It is with a great pleasure that we are able to announce that the move of our new production plant is complete.


The strong growth of our activity has allowed us to expand by investing in a brand new building, from 300 to more than 2000 square meters. This new building has been entirely designed for our electronic board assembly activity. 
The factory is above all environmentally friendly, with reinforced insulation, a free cooling ventilation system to limit electrical consumption and a 70KW solar panel plant is under construction.

We also acquired 10 new production machines:


– 3 EXELSIUS ovens (XRC-8)
– 3 VISCOM AOI (S3088)
– 2 Mycronic latest generation Pick & Place machines ( MY15,MY300)
– 2 Mycronic latest generation Jetting machines


Ready to start a new year in a new factory to produce even more innovative projects.



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