EMSPROTO an ecological company

Nestled in a natural paradise between the Bordeaux vineyards and the Landes pine forest, we’ve grown up in a beautiful environment! Since we moved in 2019 to a new building, purpose-built and designed for our principal activity: the production of small-series electronic boards, we have done everything we can to limit our carbon footprint.



Being very ecologically conscious, we thought about and designed our building in a way to best reduce our environmental impact. 


Outside the building, we have joined with the Natura 2000 project, whose approach is to preserve biological diversity while enhancing the area.  In landscaping the surroundings of our new factory, we have transplanted species of trees and plants from the environments around the building.


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More recently, an array of solar panels has reinforced our ecological engagement. This lets us produce more than half of our own annual electricity needs.  Each solar panel produces 410W peak which allows a total output of 82.3 KW peak. 203 solar panels cover the parking area of our company, providing energy for the company and shade for our employees’ cars.



As well as using the sun’s rays during the day, during the night we use the cool night air to cool our factory during the summer months.


Effectively, inside the building, we are using a free cooling ventilation system to cool the building naturally.  This clever trick considerably reduces the use of air-conditioning. Other solutions have been put in place, like using less polluting solvents, using recycled boxes and Kraft paper for packaging, using plastic-free disposables such as cotton swabs, cups for packaging, mixing glues, etc…


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All these ecological efforts are part of our DNA at EMSPROTO.

Our strong commitment particularly influences our activities and our innovations.  In fact, we are the first company in this industrial sector to have invested in solar panels on this scale!  So we hope that our innovative gesture will be followed by other companies in the electronics industry, and that it can be the bearer of new ideas with the same purpose.