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“EMSPROTO sponsor of NAMEC at the Robocup 2019 in Australia


Currently (July 2 to 8 ) takes place the RoboCup 2019 in Sidney !


During this international event, EMSPROTO is proud to sponsor NAMEC Research Robotic team (Nouvelle Aquitaine Mécatronique Club), little sister of RHOBAN 3 times world champion.  The team plays in the league SSL (Small Sizes League) in the football section. Its purpose is to make play a team of 6 rolling robots on a football field with a golf ball.



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Why support NAMEC? 


Driven by the same passion for Electronic, EMSPROTO naturally has proposed to offer the assembly of the robots electronic boards to NAMEC. The innovation is at the heart of EMSPROTO’s  ADN, because of its innovating solution with an online quoting for electronic boards, but also thanks to a clientèle based on electronic Engineers,  without forget EMSLAB innovations : the famous cocktail machine, the  Desk  lamp the Arcade Game, etc.


arcade_game_emsproto lampe_photo_emsproto machine_cocktail-emsproto machine_cocktail-verso usine1_emsproto


What is the RoboCup?


The RoboCup is a competition which takes place every year. This competition is attended by a large number of researchers and students all over the world  to move forward the field of  robotic around some thematics like football, rescue or industry.

The objective of this competition is to create a robot team totally independent, able to beat the best football world team by year 2050 !

This competition is also the occasion to highlight the French Industry .Indeed, since 3 years France is the world champion title holder thanks to the RHOBAN team who compete at the  league KingSize.


An additional evidence which shows that the French Industry is a strength which actively participate to shape tomorrow world.”


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