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What information can be found in my account?

This is where you will find all your contact information and password, but also all projects and orders you made on emsproto.com. You can also duplicate, edit, modify, convert to quote, order, share your projects. A dashboard will give you a quick overview of your current projects and orders. You can also manage the accounts of your employees from your main account.

Do I have to open an account to achieve a quote?

No, our quoting tool is accessible to everyone, without opening account in order to test and evaluate our amazing tool. Projects created without being connected are stored in cookies on your web browser, once connected your projects will be automatically transferred to your web account. By creating an account you will have the possibility to save your projects and also to download your quoted BOM (Excel file format).

Collaborator account ?

It is the possibility to exchange projects with colleagues. Create account of your collaborator from your main account, you can give them the right or not to place orders and the right or not to see the projects of your other collaborator. You also have the ability to validate collaborations requests sent from accounts already created by your collaborators.


How to quote a project ?

Quotation of your electronic board is fully automated on the Prototyping page. All you have to do is fill the various fields requested at each steps of our tool and upload your list of components (BOM) in Excel format, containing the manufacturer or supplier components reference. Once your BOM has been uploaded, an automated research database tool calculate the amount of your components at the best price. By filling the column technology, the amount of the labour is calculated instantaneously. The next step will automatically calculate the PCB price according to the specifications entered in the form. You can quickly get the price of your components, printed circuit board (PCB) and the assembly of components. Only the BOM is necessary for a complete quote, you can also create your online BOM if you do not have one, by clicking Next at the import of BOM and by adding lines to the editor.

How does our tool work ?

Our website is connected to the databases of several component suppliers like RS, Farnell, Mouser, Digikey, Tme, … Once your BOM is uploaded, Our algorithm line by line find all the suppliers with sufficient stock, then selects the cheapest one. No need to struggle on every supplier‘s website, with emsproto.com you are sure to purchase your components at the best price with the right quantity. EMSPROTO does not realize margin on components, they are sold at costs prices.

EMSPROTO Components?

We offer about 800 items of passive components (resistors and capacitors) in stock called EMSPROTO components. These components are OFFERED by EMSPROTO. Easy to use, just click on Stock EMS.

What are the files needed for the manufacture of a prototype?

The list of files that will be requested prior to your order: – The Gerbers files (RS-274X) and drilling (Excellon) or ODB ++. – pick and place file – Board component layout. File details: Gerbers and drill file or ODB ++ PCB: These files are necessary for manufacturing your PCB but also for the generation of the paste solder jetting program . Do not forget the drill files and that all the necessary layers of your PCB. We also recommend for multilayer to number inner layer starting with 1 for the layer closest to the top (component side). Pick and place: This is the file that allows us to program the PNP robot, this text file must contain the designator, the X / Y coordinates, the orientation angle and the mounting face of each component. Board component layout: It represent all the component’s designator and the orientation mark for all the polarized components.

What are the necessary information in my BOM ?

Your BOM must contain at least three columns: Component quantity per board, designator and manufacturer or supplier part number. We also advise you to import a description column containing the characteristics of your passive components (case, value, tolerance, voltage, …) especially if they have no manufacturer part number to easily find them the stock we provide.

What are PCB manufacturing limitation ?

Our standard offer for the PCB is limited to 8 layers, green or black legend and thickness 1.55mm or 1mm. The standard stackup is detailed in Resources. If the standard features do not fit your project, simply check “out of standard” and fill the form with PCB details and we will get back to you within 24 / 48H.

What if a component is not found automatically?

When a component is not found, the line appears in red.

You then have several options:

– Change the part number of your component by clicking on edit,

– Provide the component by clicking “I provide”,

– Or you click on the help Icon to request help, your project will be forwarded to our team who will try to find your component quickly and complete your quotation.

What if my PCB has characteristics that I can not find in your form?

You should on the PCB form click on the check box “off the standard option” and describe the features of your PCB, then our team will take care of your request and quote your PCB within 24 / 48H.

What are the assembly technical capabilities?

EMSPROTO assembly line can assemble all the standard components of the market. Min. Component SMD : 01005 Max. SMD component : 70x70mm Min. pitch SMD component : 0.4mm Assembly option : – SMD (Surface Mounted Components) – TRAD (Through, Pin In Paste) – PRESS-FIT

The factory EMSPROTO

How are assembled my electronic boards?

Your board is assembled in our factory in Martillac in France. SMD components are assembled on our fully automated production line. If your card has two sides of SMD components, the board will be reflow twice. The heaviest components are assembled first side to prevent them from falling in the second reflow. The assembly of SMD components is verified by an automated visual inspection machine (AOI). More complex components are analyzed by endoscopy (ERSASCOPE) and by X-rays through VISCOM machine. If your board includes press-fit components, they are inserted with force on our 10T press, with the tools that we manufacture on our CNC. Then THT components are installed and soldered by our skilled operators. Your board is packaged in sealed ESD bag and shipped by express carrier.

What are our means of control?

Our equipements : AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection), manufacturer: AOI Systems Model: SS15000-FA This machine takes pictures of your board, inspects each component following a program and checks by image analysis, the presence of components and their orientations Digital Endoscopy Manufacturer: ERSA, model: ERSASCOPE This equipment is similar to the medical equipment used in microsurgery. This allows to visually inspect under a BGA and all solder difficult to access. X-ray radiography, manufacturer: VISCOM, model: X8011-II PCB The X-ray inspection machine allows a radiography of your board, in order to analyze not visible solder joints from the outside as the BGA, LGA, QFN, the power pad, etc …. This non-destructive inspection technology also gives the possibility to inspect the interior of a multilayer PCB or within a shielded module, for example, without destroying them. Visual inspection Your board is verified by a qualified operator under a binocular according to the acceptance criteria of the IPC-A-610 standard. All our workstations are equipped with binocular in order to work with the smallest components of the market throughout the assembly process.


How do I order online?

Just create an account and start with our online quoting tool. Then you can of course order and pay online.

What are the payment methods?

EMSPROTO offers several methods of payment: CB, Wire Transfer, Check, PayPal, simply choose your payment method during checkout.

What are the payment terms?

The payment terms for the first order is “pay in advance”. You have the option to request the opening of an account with the payment terms to 30 days net. For this you must return the application form (You can download it on the check out page) Our accounting department will review your request and get back to you within 1 week.

How do you calculate the delivery time?

The time indicated on our platform, is the total time in days between the time you click the “Pay my order” and when your order is shipped. Maximum time to record your order is 16.00, after that time your order is processed the next day. Example of an order in 6 days:

T0 (<16h00) Order 1 Analysis of your files. Launch of the PCB manufacture. Purchase of the components. 2 Manufacture of the PCB Reception of the components 3 Manufacture of the PCB Reception of the components 4 Manufacture of the PCB Reception of the components 5 Assemblages des composants 6 Assembly of the components Shipping with tracking number 7 Delivery
How are orders shipped?

Shipping is ensured by our TNT express carrier for Europe. Each board is packaged in sealed ESD bag.

How can I track my delivery?

You receive an email to notify you of the shipment of your order with the tracking number. The tracking number of your package is also accessible from your web account, in my orders.

How to re order a project?

Log in to your account, and use the button “duplicate” of the project you want to re manufacture, your project is also duplicated in “my saved projects”, you can then edit and change the quantities and delay of manufacturing.

Does EMSPROTO checks files before production?

Yes, all the files required for manufacturing are checked. If a constraint does not match your web project or missing information to us you will receive an email from our team describing the anomaly and you will suggest several possible solutions.


Prototype passport ?

The prototype passport summarizes all the characteristics of your order, the BOM mounted on your board, the errors encountered and all the steps of production. Find an example of a passport prototype in Resources.